FellowWanderers Financial Solutions funds the business loans that banks won't! 

 Regardless of A merchants (business owners) credit scores. FellowWanderers Financial Solutions provides business loans and merchant cash advances that allow a company working capital in an otherwise lender-less world. All wehear all day long is how banks are not lending business owners money. FellowWanderers Financial Solutions is syndicated with 8 partners across the nation and we are the new driving force behind the lending network of startupsmerchant cash advance and the business loan alternative industry.

Here at FellowWanderers Financial Solutions we specialize in out of the box small business loan financing that is Unsecured.

In this economic climate business owners often times have difficulty with achieving financing through traditional methods such as their FDIC insured bank, thus we have formed a number of strategic alliances with FDIC insuredbanks and we reciprocate clients back and fourth when the needs arise. FellowWanderers Financial Solutions provides small to medium sized business owners working capital throughout the United States. Our roots go back tothe beginning of the alternative finance arena, and few companies know it better. With representation across the country, and an approval rate of over 98%, business owners are just a phone call away from small businessloans, business loans and working capital. Running a small business is time consuming and requires a lot of work. Obtaining a business loan for working capital shouldn’t be. The majority of small businesses inneed of working capital either don’t qualify or are turned down for traditional business loans. But, we understand that you need access to capital to continue to grow your business. That is why FellowWanderers Financial Solutions offers business cash advance loans to small businesses.



Traditional lenders have strict requirements to be approved for a loan. Many small businesses will struggle to qualify for approval. Businesses are denied by banks for the following reasons:

• Haven't been in business for 2 years or longer

• Owner has a low credit score

• No collateral to put up for the loan

• Business does not show enough revenue

• No formal business plan established

In addition to the strict requirements, obtaining a loan through a traditional lender is time consuming. Piles of business documentation and records need to be provided and analyzed. Many businesses spend months working throughthe process, only to be denied in the end, which is the last thing a business can afford when needing access to cash.

As the business owner

 your personal credit history will not play a role in your merchant cash advance. We look at the current revenue of the business and the future revenue potential when approving business cash advance loans. We don’tneed to a formal business plan or years of profit and loss statements like traditional lenders.

As the startup owner

The only thing that matters is your personal credit history. We look at the credit history and make sure it is above 600. Combine that with no bankruptcies in the past 4 years and you're approved for astartup business loan. That’s it. We don’t need a formal business plan or years of profit and loss statements like traditional lenders. 


FellowWanderers Financial Solutions understands that as a small business when you need working capital, you need it now. Banks can take months to approve a loan. The FellowWanderers Financial Solutions approval process will happen within 24hours. That means you no longer have to wait for weeks or months to hear a decision.


Small businesses can have trouble making large monthly loan payments, however, FellowWanderers Financial Solutions provides a payment plan that works for you. Instead of a set monthly payment, you repay your loan by small daily payments.The total of the payment is calculated as a percentage of your daily revenue. That means when business is down, you will pay a smaller amount. This allows you to continue having the working capital you need throughoutthe month instead of needing to pay a large payment.


Why wait to have access to the capital you need to grow your business? Our process is simple and easy. You can apply via phone, email or our simple online application. Since our approval process is easy, you will hear fromour agents within 24 hours with a decision on your application. FellowWanderers Financial Solutions wants to help your business grow and reach its potential today. 

FellowWanderers Financial Solutions 


We work with small businesses that other traditional lenders turn down. There are only a few requirements to obtain a business cash advance, and many small businesses are able to qualify.


Many traditional loans place restrictions on how you are able to use the loan proceeds. We believe that the person who knows where the funds are needed the most to grow your business is you. That is why we let you decide how tospend your business cash advance. Here are some common ways that our customers use their funds:

• Hire additional staff

• Meet current payroll

• Purchase inventory

• Expand with new equipment

• Advertising and marketing